Individual Clients


Staff Members

If you are an employee with one of the organisations with whom we have contracts all your Counselling sessions will be free. The number of sessions available will be 4-6 depending on the specific contract.

You can call or email to make an appointment on-site or at our base in Twickenham .

Private Clients

If you wish to make a private appointment we offer the following services:

Counselling/ Psychotherapy:                                    £65.00

Mindfulness Training: one-to-one.                           £65.00

EMDR Treatment for trauma          Initial Session: £75.00,  Subsequent Sessions £70.00

Mediation                                                                      £75.00

Couples Counselling                                                    £75.00

Supervision                                                                   £65.00

Do you work online?
Yes, we can offer sessions via: Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. Please contact us  if you wish to use these formats or any other.

Can I see you via my health insurance?

Yes, we work with all the major insurers including: BUPA, Axa and Aviva. Please email us re other providers.