We provide the following services to organisations:

Face-to-face solution-focussed Counselling for work or personal issues

Our consultants are UKCP Registered Psychotherapists with many years of experience in workplace Counselling. Using a well-tested model of interactive  therapy we can rapidly support staff to return to an improved state of well-being. We deal with a very wide range of issues including:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement, Self Confidence, Work-related issues, Grievances, Disciplinaries, Bully & Harassment.

Mindfulness Training

Both Directors have trained as Mindfulness Teachers. This approach has a very big research base for providing  real support in the management of rumination and catastrophising which are frequently the basis for stress. We can provide one-to-one and group training in this approach.

Mediation for individuals or team disputes

When disagreements or disputes arise at work mediation can be a  rapid way to resolve difficulties. Sometimes small issue can escalate. Having the opportunity to sit in a neutral environment and explore the problem is often the best way to find a way forward. We  have offered mediation for many years and helped to resolve numerous disputes.

EMDR for Post-Traumatic Stress

EMDR is currently one of the main treatments of choice for trauma. This approach is frequently used  for personnel returning from areas of conflict or war.  It is  often very helpful with both contemporary and historic trauma. Jonathan  is Accredited by EMDR Europe & Ireland to practice EMDR.

Counselling Skills Training

Jacqui  has spent many years training Counsellors on Counselling Skills and Degree programmes. These skills can be very useful for a variety of staff. We can provide customised training.