“Very professional and helpful... I feel it is a real asset to staff and executed very helpfully and sensitively to client’s needs. The Trust should retain this service”.

"Without this help I would have become more ill, it really helped. Thank you”

“The power of being able to talk about very private and emotional issues could never be quantified. The Dialogue Consultancy has proved to be very professional and impartial. This is an invaluable service to the Trust.

“I found both times I used the service it was very beneficial - professionals excellent in their field.  Many thanks to you for your help”.

“Wonderful service. Hope WMUH continue to support this invaluable service”

“A very useful and important support for staff working in areas of constant stress...”

“The counselling was a great help to me at what was a very stressful time for me. It helped me to realise and work on the underlying problems that were causing my depresasion.”

“Always very professional and supportive”

“On the two separate occasions when I have needed the service it has been the support I needed to keep me at work and to start re-building my self esteem and confidence. Thank you”

“The counselling has made me feel more confident, able to cope better and my communication levels have really improved. It was such a relief to see a light at the end of the tunnel”

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