Course Testimonials

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

“I am absolutely certain that if I had had this knowledge and support two years ago my team would not have fallen apart in the way it did.... all managers should be enouraged to do this course”

NHS Manager

“Wonderful course, hope all grades of staff have the opportunity to attend such a good course”

Senior NHS Clinician

“Excellent two days...I welcome the trust’s investment in me in this way”

Senior Manager

“I really enjoyed the course ... found it helpful in my line of work” 

Senior Nurse-Manager

“ Very interesting, and useful tips on conflict resolution and mediation” 


“Very useful interactive 2 days. Would like further training for other grades”

Senior Clinician

“Thoroughly enjoyed the two days – will definitely try to implement in practice”


“This has been extremely helpful and I would recommend it to more senior and other levels within the Trust”


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