Employee Counselling


The Dialogue Consultancy Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are a professional assessment, referral and counselling service offered to employees with either employment and/or personal difficulties, which may be affecting their work. In addition we can also offer mediation services,   post-incident debrief and a variety of training and group work detailed below.

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Executive Coaching

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Conflict Resolution Workshops

These highly experiential workshops enable participants to explore their own conflict management style and to explore improved ways of dealing with conflict. Conflict is an inevitable part of any healthy team it is really a matter of how this energy can be creatively harnessed.

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Mediation Workshops

Mediation can be an effective tool for diffusing conflict at work. This intervention can save considerable amounts of time, energy and money in disputes which become formal complaints or grievances.

This two day workshop will train managers in the essentials of mediation, including:

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Meditation Course

The 8 Week Stress Reduction Programme

This 8 week course is a powerful method for reducing stress and learning to actively participate in your health and well-being. Using the proven approach of Mindfulness you will be taught effective methods for reducing your level of stress and developing improved relaxation.  In addition to meeting weekly for 8 weeks you will need to actively participate in home study exercises to support the core teaching.

Mobilise your mind and body to take charge of your life and cope more effectively with stress

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