Mediation Workshops

Mediation can be an effective tool for diffusing conflict at work. This intervention can save considerable amounts of time, energy and money in disputes which become formal complaints or grievances.

This two day workshop will train managers in the essentials of mediation, including:

  • When to use mediation and when not.
  • Establishing the pre-meeting
  • Meeting with the individual participants
  • Learning to listen to stories without bias
  • How to run a formal mediation
  • Skills required in mediation including, listening,  para-phrasing, summarising, intervening, assertion etc
  • Creating a contract or understanding
  • Post-mediation debriefing
  • Follow-up sessions

Mediation is a complex activity and we usually recommend that participants receive a few sessions of supervision around their first mediations to support them.

These workshops are run by Jonathan Whines MA, M SC and Jacqui Hughes M.A, M.Sc – see About Us for further details

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