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Jonathan Whines M.A, M.Sc, Lic.Ac

Jonathan WhinesUKCP Registered Psychotherapist

"My biggest thrill in this work is finding the creative spark within my clients and helping them to work with this and develop their potential.  When people get stressed or depressed they frequently lose a sense of direction. Working in a whole variety of interactive ways enables the client to loosen their 'mono-perspective' and start to find new ways to live and grow."

I hold Masters’ Degrees in both Literature and Psychotherapy. I initially trained as a Traditional Acupuncturist and masseur and had a busy private practice in these disciplines. With many patients attending with emotional and stress issues I went on to train in Counselling at Cambridge University (SCE). Through this training I became fascinated with the application of personal and professional development in the work place and generally within business. I developed a counselling practice in G.P surgeries, occupational health settings and again in private practice. I continued training at The Metanoia Institute (part of Middlesex University) where I gained a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I subsequently worked as  an  Assistant Trainer on the Gestalt Psychotherapy Masters Degree Programme at The Metanoia Institute (Middlesex University).

During this period I ran and co-ran many personal development groups, men’s groups and groups in conflict resolution. After completing my Degree I returned to Cambridge University (SCE) where I qualified in the Supervision of Counselling. I have  had a number of papers/chapters published: on Brief Gestalt Therapy and Counselling within Primary Care.

For three years I  worked for two  national Employee Assistance Programme providers providing counselling to senior staff in IBM, Ernst and Young, Cable and Wireless, B.T, Norwich Union, Proctor and Gamble etc. During this period I was also involved in the provision of an external counselling  programme to The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. In this capacity I worked with all levels of staff including managers, doctors, consultants and nurses.

Ten years ago  I established The Dialogue Consultancy offering EAP and professional development packages to organizations and companies including The West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust,  Lotus Cars plc, Hounslow Primary Care NHS Trust, Ealing Primary Care NHS Trust and Kingston University. In addition to offering counseling into organizations The Dialogue Consultancy provide various groups including those on Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Stress Reduction. Most recently we have started to offer groups on stress reduction using Mindfulness Meditation approaches.

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